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Furia (CD, Vinyl)

CD: EMI France 724352832125

release date: 14/08/2000 (France only)

sleevenote 1 (translated from French):

I lived the very beginning of Furia in Paris during January 1999 and the shock was amazing . The movie moved me very deeply so I thought that it would be too much pain for me to work for it. But I was really caught up with the movie and now Furia is a real part of my life. So I worked very closely with Alexandre, the creator of this movie, without the usual intermediary of the cinema world, to create the whole soundtrack for a movie for the first time in my career.
Words, music, soundtrack of this movie are a strange mixture of French and English which we are extremely proud. Furia is eternal and it is a part of our universe.

Brian May

sleevenote 2:

Furia. A commando film, small budget, each day seems to be the last...Already two weeks filming in the South of Morocco and only four more to finish it completely ...The telephone rings , Gilbert Marouani , a friend, asks if he can propose the film to Brian May ....A joke ? no, I think he's seriou . Two months later, I meet Brian
     in a Paris hotel , we speak of music, of George Orwell, and of the cinema. I am very tense, he has come to see a first edit . One and a half hours later, silence, I think he was moved. The next day, he calls me, worked all night through, he had written the main theme of the film .... For a twenty years old to have the chance to work
     with someone of Brian's stature surpassed all my dreams - a chance but also a challenge. Several months in the studio follow, correspondence, the symphonic orchestra, passionate discussions all
     to achieve this soundtrack. Your music, Brian, is the true voice of Furia, an indestructible link between the characters, a simple and limpid music in which a certain idea of love and liberty shines
     through ... A whisper of guitar which transports the images beyond the film. Thank you for your special sensibility.

album track-list:

Furia theme
Premier regard (solo flute)
Tango: "Cuesta Abajo"
La rencontre (solo guitare)
Premier baiser
Petit restaurant
Pere et fils
Revolver (solo violin)
Reggae: "Bird in hand"
"Dream of thee"
Autre revolver

CD review by Oliver Tamminga

film review by Thomas Jamet

interview with Alexandre Aja (director of Furia)

Brian´s daughter Emily appears on the Furia soundtrack, while she doesn't sing lyrics as such (oohs, ahhs, and la-la-la's). They did a personal recording of Emily singing the soundtrack finale, Dream of Thee, which Brian sings on the album itself.  Brian is quite proud, as this is the first sound track he has ever written. He wrote it all except for 2 tracks. You Argentines will be gratified to hear that Brian was impressed with the two other tracks, which included Argentine music, that he thought was quite lovely.

(source: TBMFC)

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