film review


film review by Thomas JAMET:

Thomas in France recently saw the premier of the movie FURIA which Brian did all the music for,
and he sent this review of the film:

   "The movie is quite strange, and as Brian said, very violent and dark, with some
 hard scenes, like torture and pain!! But it's a good movie, even though my opinion is
 that the music is much better than the film itself, like a too beautiful frame for a good
 but not excellent painting. It's a Science Fiction movie, but without any special effect.
 The story takes place in a lost land, which seems to be Morocco. The music starts at
  the very beginning of the film, with a very moving overture, followed by some Red
 Special sounds during the first drawing scene (the heroes are painting on the walls to
 protest against society)... It's absolutely brilliant. Then you hear some classical music
 score, with flutes and violins which shows that Brian is very talented in this style too,
 then often a melody sang by a woman voice... You can read at the end of the credits
that it is no other than...Emily May, Brian's daughter!! She has a stunning voice. But
    one of the best parts is a pursuit scene, which heavy guitars and very fast and
  powerful drumbeats. Impressive. The movie is ending by a wonderful sunset view
  with one of the best song Brian has ever written, "Dream of Thee", which sounds
like "Another world", a pure gentle and sad ballad, which actually made me cry!! The
 director, Alexandre Aja, was present for this special event, which is the premiere of
 his movie. He is very young, but very talented! He seems to be so proud that Brian
  accepted to write the music for his first film. I tried to talk to him at the end of the
 projection, but I'd rather prefer to listen to the end of Brian's music... but too late he
was gone!

  All I can say: you, fans, will LOVE the music, you can trust me... (and maybe the
 movie, which is not bad, but very oppressive). I can't wait for the release of both of
them. From Paris, Thomas JAMET."