About my site

Hi friends,

welcome to the new Brian May World at The May-keteers Homepage!

After I started to run my site back in March 1999 it soon became a very popular, respected and appreciated site
in the whole Queen and Brian May world.
My site won many web-awards and I got many nice E-mails from all over the world.
I was of course very happy about the wonderful feedback and I continuously added new elements to my site.
I was also very happy to see that some photos which are featured on my website appeared in the booklet of the Queen + CD "Greatest Hits III" (limited edition).

I thought it was time now to become independent and to have my own domain, which has many advantages
and gives me the opportunity to add new interactive features to my site, too.
So now you can access the Brian May World at The May-keteers Homepage very easily through the new address:

The new domain name already tells you what to expect here at this site:
Detailed information, always updated, and many interactive features and fun!
- everything you need to know of the Brian May world.

In the meanwhile thanks so much for all your support, most of all to those of you who were already there at the beginning.
Many of you have become good friends to me already.
Let me know what you like at my site and what you don´t like - and be honest please.
I prefer justified criticism much more than pure praise.
Also let me know what you would like to see on www.brianmayworld.com in the future.
 Don´t forget : It´s you who I make this webpage for.

You will already notice some changes on my site.
More to come in the future, promised!

Enjoy, Oliver

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