some comments about my site

Dear people,

here are some comments, which I´ve received concerning this website and I just wanted to share them with you.

Thank you so much - without your support this site wouldn´t exist anymore!

All the best to you,

Oliver Tamminga


I love your website - the definative source for Brian May info.  Your website really help me in researching Brian's guitar sound and equipment needed

Christopher E. Nielsen (USA)

This surely is what we have all been waiting for - the most comprehensive Brian May page I have ever seen and the photo's are a real insight into the life of one of the worlds few remaining rock stars. The internet community can only be thankful that someone has such true dedication to such a demanding subject.

Paul Sherlock (UK)

Whilst looking through the website, it was obvious that so much dedication had gone into creating it, which was, in the literal sense of the word, awesome. You should be extremely proud of the website, and Brian should be extremely proud to have you as a fan.

Daniel May (UK)

Fantastic Brian May site - superb content and worthy of all those awards!:).

Darren Gibson (UK)

Love your page, it's so nice to see i'm not alone in my appreciation of Brian and this site is giving lots more information, which is great.Keep up the good work! xXx

Susannah Davy (UK)

Such a great page is made out of love, passion, and a lot of sweat. That's what makes a fan, and Oliver, I never met a fan till I met you. You're an inspiration! Take us to all the Brian May worlds you can come up with!

Miguel Sousa (Portugal)

The best site around.Whenever i'm on line, this is always my first port of call for all the latest info.Keep up the excellent work!

Gareth Thomas (Wales)

Keep up the great work on your website, and just an added note, yours is the best site out there.  Even better then the official one, they don't
 have any current updates. Keep going.

Pam Hawes-Berg (USA)

                    Well, I just wanted to compliment you on a fabulous site. The graphics are amazing and very creative. I am sure Brian is a fan of yours! Maybe one day I will be able to afford a lenghy trip to Europe and we will be able to meet face to face.
 I'll be the first to buy you a Frankenheim Alt!!

Lance Elias (USA) rocks!!!! This is an absoulutely amazing site.  I live in the U.S. and I don't hear much about Brian anymore. Thanks for a marvelous site.

Jason Perry (USA)

Hey Oliver,
Absolutely brilliant, awesome, amazing, extravagant and exillerating site!!

Paul Whalley (Scotland)

Your website is definitely something to be proud of.

Teri Danai (USA)

Hi Oliver! You have made the best BM web site!. I´ve visited others but they aren´t so good like yours.

Jeannette (Chile)

I really love what you did with the site, Oliver. it looks wonderful. keep yourself alive!

Yifat Harniv (Israel)

I think your site is great

Mark Reynolds (UK)

I will check it out

Eric Singer (USA)

Very impressed by your "new and improved" Brian May page.
I do enjoy your Brian May page and I hope Mr. May himself is appreciative of it.

Lindamarlene (USA)

Best of luck with your new site!  It looks great.  You did a wonderful job!

Ellis Davis (USA)

Just went through everything on your home-page fot the 2nd time and I have to is a wonderful page!
Yesterday, when I found the Mayketeers, wll, I just felt so excited I just HAD to join you!
Well Oliver, great job you did on your page and I hope to hear from you!

Joyce van der Valk (Holland)

I want to congratulate you on a magnificent web-site. A lot of time, energy, and hard work is evident in viewing your site and it really reflects your passion  for the music. I hope to spend a great deal more time on your site in the coming days and will bookmark it.

Mark Eldridge (USA)

I have been a fan of your site for a long time and I would just like to tell you that you have done an amazing job

Christina Finley (USA)

Congratz on a great website! I like it a lot!

Freddie van ter Beek (Holland)

I am The Singer Songwriter for MSG with Michael Schenker, And also for Guitar Zeus. Which Brian performed solo guitar for..Nobody Knew (Black White House). I wrote this song in 1995..
Very nice site,,,keep up the good work

Kelly Keeling (USA)

Oliver, your page is *great*!! I love it.

Meredith Chesterton (Australia)

Oliver, What you do here is incredible!

Mark Mariani (USA)

As long as your site is there, so will i be.Thanx!

Lita (Lee) Smith  (USA)

I have to say I love everything about your website!!
This truly is the best site devoted to Mr. May!! You rule Oliver!!

Jennifer Rutter (USA)

Your site totally blew me away, it's beautiful and you know I'm honest coz I told you this so many times.

Yael Kahana (Israel)

Your site rocks

Mark Quinn (Ireland)

I like it a lot. Even though everything is subject to improvement, I cannot tell you how to improve the site :
I think it is rather complete.

Mary Preiti (Argentina)

We have just been checking out the web site, it's very good and your information is amazing.

Susie Webb & Zoe Nicholas (UK)

I am pleased to inform you that your outstanding site was suggested to us, and is now being highlighted this week

Patty Williams (Classic Rock)

In all seriousness (and not just to make you feel better), yours is one of the most professional and informative sites on the web. I am sure thet you put a lot of effort into it (it shows that way).

Stephen Bradford (UK)

The May-Keeters is the greatest site about Brian (and I visited a thousand since I'm on the internet, so I can tell you !)

Margot Monetti (France)

Just wanted to say how wonderful your Brian May page is.  It is very professional and extremely
well done, and as always Oliver, you have impressed me by your drive to succeed.

Tracy Speers (Canada)