Congratulations, dear Anita and Brian!!!

 November 18th, 2000

Brian May and Anita Dobson got married

source of the text and the photo:
Official International Queen Fan Club

This isn't the wedding, but it's a lovely photo of them anyway!
   I'll of course post a photo here as and when Mr & Mrs May have had the chance to see them themselves!

The biggest news is, of course, the fact that Brian and Anita got married on Saturday (18th)!!
After 12 years together they finally tied the knot at Richmond Registry office. The bride
wore a red outfit and Brian a grey linen suit with a red waistcoat and red buttonhole (and yes, he wore clogs!).
Roger Taylor was best man, and Anita was given away by her brother in law Michael O'Niell.
Brians children Jimmy, Louisa and Emily attended, along with Anitas Mum, her sister Gill and
     about 20 close friends (sadly John Deacon didn't attend).

The reception was held in a restaurant in Kensington High Street that Brian loves and has frequented for many years. It is
not true that they signed a magazine deal, as quoted in one newspaper - and they're not honeymooning on some far flung
             Caribbean beach, they're in romantic Italy!

Brian and Anita have specifically requested that you don't buy them a wedding present!
(and what on earth would you buy the couple who have everything?!)
Brian has said that if you really would like to give them something, then you might make a
donation on their behalf to either the British Bone Marrow Donor Appeal, or the Mercury Phoenix Trust .

name: T.E. Conway
country: USA

Dear Brian,

here is your cousin from Tennessee.
I wish you and your wife Anita the very very best.

Lets meet in England and drink the whole night.

T.E. Conway  from Tennessee/USA (aka Norby)

name: Eric Singer
country: USA

Dear Brian & Anita,
I was so surprised to hear of you two tying the knot !!!

Congrats to you both !!!
I wish you all the best for now & ever...

Brian you deserve "the best"
You are a saint & I´m glad to call you my friend

Eric Singer

P.S: Now get out there & play some guitar !!

name: Oliver Tamminga
country: Germany

Dear Anita, dear Brian,
congratulations to your wedding!

I wish you both just the very best in your future together.
May you always be happy, always be there for each other and solve all problems together!

You deserve to have sunshine for the rest of your life!

Love, Oliver

name: Mark Reynolds
country: England

Dear Anita and Brian,
Congratulations on your marriage.
Wishing you both all the very best for the future and may you have a long and happy marriage.

Kind regards,
Mark Reynolds and family.

name: Daniele Calabria
country: Italy

Mrs May, Dear Friend,
I'm very happy for your wedding Certainly you'll be forever happy.

Your, Daniele

name: Jennifer Rutter
country: USA

   To the happy couple....... Congratulations!!
Hope you´re happy for many years!! Love you always!!

Love, Jennifer

name: Susan Briscoe
country: England

Congratulations and best wishes for evey happiness!
Once upon a time, my partner worked with Anita in the theatre and says she's so nice to work with and a
lovely,creative and talented lady.
Have a great future together!

name: Joyce van der Valk
country: Holland

Dear Brian, dear Mrs. May,

What a surprise! Congratulations on your wedding!
I wish you both happiness and many good years together in good health!

Love always,

name:Edoardo Siani
country: Italy

Dear Anita and Brian,
I'm so happy to "share" with you that great moment...
It seems that the words "This world has only one sweet moment sat aside for us.." were too pessimistic!...isn't it? ;-)
Go on this way!!!

Congratulations again, Edo

name: Brandi Snyder
country: USA

Congrats to the couple...

name: Chrystel Bandreigh
country: USA

Dear Brian and Anita May,
Brightest Blessings on your Union!
Sunshine and bliss on all your days,
Passion and peace on all your nights.

Chrystel Bandreigh

name:  Virgine de Waard
country: Holland

Dear Brian and Anita
Congratulations. I wish you both many happy years together.

Love always, Virgine

name: Yifat Harniv
country: Israel

Dear Mr. and Mrs. May!
congratulations to your wedding! :-)
I wish you both happiness, love and fun together! Don't forget, we love you always!
My only hope is that you'll be as happy as you made me and everybody else on
this planet, throughout the years. Take care and enjoy your honeymoon!
Yourse truly,
Yifat (VampireGirl) Harniv
Your No.1 Israeli fan

name: Andrei  Sclearenco
country: Moldova (Eastern Europe).

My congratulations Brian and Anita.
I wish you both just very best in your future together.

name: Tommi Laiho
country: Finland

I just wanted to tell congratulate you guys! I hope you´ll be happy ever after!

name: Andrea Weck
country: Germany

Dear Anita and Brian,

Congratulations and all the best wishes for your future together.
May it be happy and with a lot of sunshine.
You both deserve it!!

Love, Andrea

name: Ton van Wessel
country: Holland

Dear Brian and Anita,
congratulations to your wedding!

Brian you are the best, and hope that you coming soon to Holland and play. I missing you.

All the love of the world for you and the family.

Ton van Wessel

name: Giuseppe Ameno
country: Italy

Dear Brian & Anita
I  hope you're the happiest persons in the world and,even if sometimes your marriage will seem to be wrong,
don't be sad, God will give you the strength to go on!
Padre Pio vi benedica.

 Giuseppe Ameno

name: Jeannette Vásquez
country: Chile

Brian and Anita:
My best wishes to your whole life together. Keep loving with respect and happiness to each other.

From the distance...

P.S.:Anita, i'm agreed with you "TO KNOW HIM IS TO LOVE  HIM".
You are a lucky lady for having him, so I ENVY YOU (of good way), anyway, i know that you have given
everything he wants and needs and you will go on doing it.

name: Päivi Sudenheimo
country: Finland

Dear Anita And Brian!
Live Long And Prosper!

Päivi Sudenheimo

name: Ilona Kaster
country: Germany

Hi Mrs. May, hi dear Brian,

    Anita, I'm shure that you are aware what a very special man Brian is. To you both: CONGRATULATIONS !!

A Fan of Brian since 26 years

name: Veronika Vagvolgyi
country: Hungary

Dear Brian and Anita,
I'm very happy that you found each-other. I think YOU are the most
beautiful couple of the world. I wish you many happy moments and smiles.


name: Jenna Kuitunen
country: Finland


I am soo happy for you Brian and Anita. I just wanted to say it... I am sure you will have very much good
moments together. Everything good for you two. (Brian - I love you...)

Love, jenna

name: Emiliano Quintarelli
country: Italy

Dear Anita&Brian,

from Verona, the city of love, just few words  (for my very bad english):
Congratulations and  the best wishes for your future togheter


name: Valeria Klyapovskaya
country: Russia


I hope, it's not too late for congratulations for your wedding.
Wish you many-many days filled with tender & crazy kisses and a great number of unexpected gifts of fortune. I love you both!

Sincerely yours,
Valeria Klyapovskaya from Archangelsk, RUSSIA.

name: Judith Keijzer
country: The Netherlands

Enjoy! Lot's of love and happiness to the both of you. I play the Flash Gordon wedding-march for you.


name: Katrin Erbrich and Markus Güntzschel
country: Germany

Dear Brian and Anita

"Love is an incurable illness, but whoever suffers from it wishes never to recover."
(The Arabic)

In this special case we hope you won´t recover, but will always have a lively and happy partnership!
All the best for your future together

Katrin and Markus

name: Javier Moldes
country: Spain

Dear Anita and Brian, i´m very happy for you. Brian, i met with you in Gijón (Spain) in your first concert of your last tour and i know you are very kind.
For all that i wish you both the best in your marriage.
Javier moldes

name: Elly Hazewinkel
country: The Netherlands

Hi Brian and Anita,
From Holland I wish the both of you all the luck in the world. And I hope that every wish, that is send to you in these last weeks may come true.

Love from Poeldijk Holland,

name: Carol Driscoll
country: England

Congratulations Brian and Anita, I am very pleased that you were married on Saturday, I hope that you will be very happy together,
It was the best new of the week and I am sure that will enjoy your married life.

 Carol Driscoll

name: Julie Sargent
country: England

My names is Julie and I am a BIG BIG BIG fan of queen, they are the BEST
I would like to wish a BIG BIG BIG congratulations to Brian and Anita on their wedding and I hope they have the BEST life together