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Much e-mail, received by, is requesting information about where Red Special replicas can be obtained.
We have therefore decided to offer information of companies that are currently offering Red Special replicas for general sale.
We are not affiliated, in anyway, to any of the companies listed in this section and we consider this to be for information purposes only.

There have been many replicas released over the years, official and un-official. These are all now collectors items.
Sadly all of these are no longer available, only second-hand.

We have found that there are four companies currently offering Red Special replicas.



Comparison between the Guild (1993) and the Burns (2001) Red Special replica by Peter Michalowski

An in depth study and review of the Burns Brian May guitar by Dmitry Przhedetsky with comments by Greg Fryer

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As we announced, in the “News of the world” section, Burns have released a Red Special replica.

The Brian May Signature model - the Red Special - is now available.
This Guitar has taken over two years to come to fruition and is the end result of 22 prototype models.
Brian May was insistent that not only should this guitar be affordable but is of the highest standard using only the best quality timber and parts available.
As the Guitar has developed Brian has inspected each prototype, changing only small details to achieve the end product.
This Guitar is now as exact a replica as you would expect, with the exception of the tremelo unit which Brian has agreed to use on the production models.
The Burns Tri-Sonic Pickups are handmade to the original design and when tested alongside the original Red Special guitar Brian was
astonished by the similarity of the sound.

The pickup switching system is also exactly the same as the original spec. An on/off switch for each of the pickups and an in and out of Phase switch for each pickup, this allows you to obtain all pickup combinations.

One Master Volume and One Master Tone control.

Brian also insisted that the nut width should be the same as per original 45mm. The Machineheads were also a critical factor, for greater turning stability Brian chose locking Grover Tuners.

The neck is hardrock maple and glued to the body, fitted with an A grade Ebony fingerboard. With 24 medium frets, + zero fret, Scale 24 1/4 inch.

Achieving the colour was one of the biggest obstables as most people who know of Brian's original Guitar consider it to be Red!!! In fact the Guitar is more Brown colour due to the natural colour of the wood and the fence stain Brian used to finish it in the sixties.

Brian agreed to compromise with a slightly redder finish.

There are two colours available, Vintage Cherry (Red) and three tone sunburst as this was Brian's request.

This guitar is staggering value at only: £499.00

Custom fitted case with Burns Emblem: £78.00



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RS Guitars are currently offering two Red Special models.

a) new and updated RS Guitars "Classic" Red Special replica

b) The RS Custom

The Custom appears to be aimed at those who want a Red Special style guitar but with more conventional hardware.

There is a configuration section, on the website, which will give you a number of options to suit your own taste and playing style for both the RS Classic and the RS Custom.

The RS Classic (complete with a custom molded hardshell cases) costs $2,500
The RS Custom starts at $1,295

The official RS Guitars website is:

The E-mail address for information is:


RS Guitars customer, Joe Millo, has recorded some special Brian May licks for everyone to hear the quality of the RS "Classic" model.
Joe Millo has the very first "Classic" model produced by RS Guitars.
These sound files have been recorded, in a studio, using the RS Classic, Brian May/Fryer Treble Booster and Vox AC30 fitted with Brian May spec valves.
Each guitar lick has been recorded direct by microphone in front of the amplifier at full Brian May level!
Accompanying each lick is a description of the pick-up settings and any additional settings that Joe has employed for the tracks.

The link for the page is:



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Watson guitars are offering a fixed bridge version of the Red Special.



The standard model (similar to the BHM-3 but with sound chambered body and  zero/24, 24" fretboard) will be available
at around June with the first run very limited in production.

We do not have any other details or price for this guitar.

The website for the Watson Red Special replicas::

You can contact them for information on this E-mail address:


K’Z Guitar Works Red Special style guitar

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About K'z Guitar Works
"K'z Guitar Works" is a workshop which builds high quality Red Special style guitars. All materials used to make these guitars are of the highest quality. Our top priority is to build a great "Red Special Style Guitar".

English language webpage:

Japanese language webpage:

Current price: 498000 YEN (Approx. £2600 or $4700 US)

Shipping and Case is extra. (Check site for details)