Zürich 1998
WWRY on tour

We started the trip towards Zurich with a little bit of bitterness. In fact  if Brian had been well, he would have played some extra songs for the italian fans at the concert in Milan.
Additionally, as we left Milan, there was a big storm and there was an incredible traffic jam !
We didn't expect too much for our forthcoming last concert (we had no possibilities to go to the following concerts).
Sincerely, after the cancellation of two concerts (Grenoble and Nonantola<Modena> ) and a concert being performed against  medical advice ( Milan ),  nobody could expect anything but a standard concert with Brian saving his voice for the most important concert  in London on the 25th October ( because of the television ).

Additionally, the fans from Switzerland are known as not very warm and so it is quite logical that nothing particular had been thought to  happen that night . Well, we were totally wrong !
The concert in Zurich has been the most beautiful concert we ever saw, probably because the band was still excited because of  the big  welcome, which they received from the italian fans.
The Volkshaus was sold out and finally we saw a real place for concerts !
No support band and, as usually in Switzerland, the concert started very early, at the opposite of our first concert in Spain.
It took few moments to feel the special atmosphere that was growing, something which rarely happens in concerts.
Because of Brian´s new strength (concerning his voice) and the excitement, which the band still had because of the italian concert,  the BMB gave the top of themselves at the Volkshaus in Zurich !
As we listened  to "Make believe" we already realized that Brian's voice was completely back again and it lasted for the whole concert, leaving us fascinate until the end with "All the ways from Memphis".
The only normal thing was the set-list, the standard one without "Business", but totally not normal at all was the performance of the songs. It was more than we expected and excellent.

During the gig Brian often joked with the crowd and between  the band there's a better feeling than ever.
The concert is also extraordinary for another  event: On this day (October 19th)  Zoe Nicholas had her birthday and it was celebrated onstage with a cake, too, and the classical "happy birthday", sung by the band and the audience.
So "our" tour ended in a very good way, it couldn´t have ended better.
We also met people, which we met some years ago in Winterthur (the venue of another histstorical concert of the BMB in 1993) and another girl coming from Australia !
We cannot say that Queen's fans don't like traveling.....

Very special thanks to Davide Traversi and Emilio Scandroglio  for the report.
You can find the original report (in Italian) in issue 23 of WWRY-The Italian Fanclub magazine.
Issue 23 is a Brian May tour-special, so please check it out. For more information please contact Davide.
Also very special thanks to Sara Magini for the translation into English!

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