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The Simpsons meet Queen

On this page you can find Real audio-files of the Simpsons, which are Queen related!
You need a Real audio player to listen to them. If you haven´t got one already, you can get it here for free:


Hi there! Welcome to this very different section of the May-keteers Homepage.
On this page you´ll get to know that there are quite a few similarities between the
best band and the best cartoon animation in the world: Queen and the Simpsons!

On this page you can listen to some unique Simpsons-sounds.

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Brian likes the Simpsons

Brian wears a Simpsons T-shirt in the video of "Headlong". And Brian likes a good old Duff...uh oh...hmm, he drinks something else from Ireland here, so we better go on with the show.

If you look carefully at the shelf in the background of Brian´s  kitchen, you can see
1) a Simpsons photo, framed (on the left)
2) a Maggie Simpsons doll (on the right)
What do you say now?

The Simpsons like Queen

Homer always likes a good beer, like Brian.
But did you also know that Homer was a big fan of Brian and Queen back in his youth?
Click here to find him singing a song,
 Did you also know that in one episode of "The Simpsons" you can see Homer´s Queen-poster from "A Night At The Opera"?
Really true!

Of course Homer is the king ,being a Queen-fan! Click here to listen to Homer.
But did you also know that Homer sings his favourite song "We are the champions" in a slightly different way?

And all you beautiful girls out there:
Calling all girls...

And yes, Marge favourite´s band are the BEATLES....another topic:
Homer met George Harrison once, but he stuck to his Queen-roots and just saw the donuts who were in the same room.
And Marge wrote a letter to Ringo Starr and years and years later Ringo replied. That´s Ringo...Brian May replies faster :)
Anyway, Marge persuaded Homer and the family to pose in exactly the same way for their new CD-cover
as the Beatles did also on a record. Marge should have listened to Homer and to pose in the way of the "Queen II" cover.

New Simpsons CD out now (really!!): "The yellow album"
(for more information mail me)

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