Rarities and more


Hi there everybody!

Thanks for visiting my trading-page. These are all items from my own collection, which I don´t need anymore. I hope you´ll find something you´re interested in.

If you have further questions concerning some items, please don´t hesitate to E-mail me.  All items are in mint or excellent condition, all records with picture sleeves unless stated.

If you don´t see what you´re looking for - write me!
I am selling parts of my own huge collection now so it´s very likely that I can help you nevertheless!

But now....here´s my trading-list.


Oliver Tamminga




Seven seas of ryhe   France
Killer queen    Japan
Killer queen    Holland
Killer queen    France
Now i´m here     Japan
Now i´m here    Holland
Now i´m here    Hungary
Now i´m here    Belgium
Bohemian rhapsody   Belgium
Bohemian rhapsody   Holland
You´re my best friend  Italy
Somebody to love   Portugal
Somebody to love   Poland
Tie your mother down  Japan
Tie your mother down  Belgium
It´s late    USA
No me pares ahora   Argentina
Need your loving tonight  Japan
I want it all    Japan
Heaven for everyone    Italy

12" & more....soon - watch this space!!