Brian May Quiz

Welcome everybody to the new interactive Brian May Quiz!

The quiz will be divided into three rounds with 10 questions each.
If you answer at least 9 out of 10 questions correctly you´ll get into the next round
and in the end perhaps you are also a true champion and your name can be included in the winners history?

Let´s see how much you know about Brian May and Queen...

Enjoy, Oliver

Warm-up round (3 rounds in total)

Answer 9 out of 10 questions correctly and you´ll get to the next round, to the "Another world round".
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1. Which Queen video features Brian playing a guitar made in the shape of a skull and bones?
No-one but you
It`s A Hard Life
Who wants to live forever

2. In which Queen video can you see multiple Brian May´s playing an awesome guitar solo, all at the same time?
Princes of the universe
You don´t fool me
The Invisible Man

3. In which Queen video can Brian be seen wearing a Bart Simpson T-shirt?
No-one but you
The Invisible man

4. Name Brian´s very first solo-video
Who wants to live forever ,with Ian and Melinda
Driven by you
Star fleet

5. With which band did Brian play live as a guest-artist?
Guns´n Roses

6. Name one top 10 solo-hit of Brian May
The Business
Too much love will kill you

7. Which Brian May solo-song, performed by him, is featured on Greatest Hits III by Queen+ ?
Too much love will kill you
Driven by you
Last Horizon

8. Which is the nickname for Brian´s guitar?
Mini Me
Red Special
Fat Bastard

9. What is the name of the famous guitar-solo, which Brian always plays live, and which is dated back from the early Queen days?
Brighton Rock
Last Horizon
I want it all

10. What´s the name of the pretty little lady?
China girl
White queen
China belle