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"If   L I N K S   could kill, we´d all be long long dead"

On this page you´ll find some of the best Brian May/Queen related pages on the net:

Queen sites:

Alex Smirnov´s Queen Page
great information, rare sounds and lots more, worth to check regularly

Andy Young´s Queen Page
very detailed, many statistics and trivia, great site!

Jazz Web
the best designed Queen page with many interesting different features

Fan club sites:

Official Italian Queen Fan Club
in Italian language

Queen Fan Club Germany
in German language

Hungarian Queen Fan Club
in English and Hungarian language

Cover bands:

tour-dates and more of the best Queen cover band from Germany I´ve seen

The Royal Family
tour-dates and more of the best Queen cover band from the UK I´ve seen

Related sites:

Frank Rohles
home page of Frank Rohles, the guitarist of the German "We Will Rock You"- musical. Check it out!

The Fabba Girls
the page of the lovely Susie Webb and Zoe Nicholas.  As you know they are the background singers of the Brian May Band

The official Cozy Powell page
everything about THE drummer...please pay tribute

The official Eric Singer page
information about the VERY talented latest member of Brian´s band. You can even E-mail him personally!

The official Conway Twitty page
Ooops, check it out!!!

The official SAS Band page
information about artists like Spike Edney, Jamie Moses, Zoe Nicholas, Susie Webb and more