Eric Singer´s tribute to Cozy


Cozy Powell...what can I say ?
I remember the first time I saw Cozy Powell live with Rainbow in 1976 !
He had a big red Ludwig double bass kit with a mass of cymbals
And he was so powerful sounding ! He could drive the band thru a brick wall it seemed.
I first heard Cozy with Jeff Beck. Thats what really made me a fan.
Train Train a song off the album "rough & ready" is what floored me for good !

I later got to meet Cozy when he came to a Gary Moore show in London in 1987 i was playing at.
He was always very cool to me & complimentary as well (wich made me feel so cool , since i was a big fan of his)
It's funny that Cozy & myself ended up replacing each other in bands
First he followed me w/Gary Moore and then Black Sabbath
And then I replaced him in Brian May's Band after his untimely death.
Cozy was & will always remain a big influence to me.
He was a true giant in the drum world !

Eric Singer

source: Official Cozy Powell website