Another World
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Another World (LP Picture Disc/CD/MC)

LP Picture Disc (UK): Parlophone 4949731
CD (UK) : Parlophone 4949732

release date: 1/6/1998

Yes it's been 6 years - a very long time to make my second solo album. Of course there were a few distractions... I would love to tell you that after "Back To The Light" I stepped into a luminous place where life all made sense. But of course that is not the case. I would love to say that at least I found the True Direction, freed my Spirit, and could tell you all about it, but, alas, no - not even close... Hey! - I tried... This album is the outpouring of a confused brain still trying to make sense of EVERYTHING, and amidst vast areas of despair, finding a few flashes of light. These are what I would like to share with you. Just one warning - in Another World, things are never QUITE what they seem... That's it. We journey on. Hope you Enjoy...


Brian May
March '98

album track-list:

China Belle
Why Don't We Try Again
On My Way Up
The Guvnor
Slow Down
One Rainy Wish
All The Way From Memphis
Another World

 secret bonus track except Japan:  Being On My Own
Japanese bonus tracks:  F.B.I. / Hot Patootie

Special album (only released in the US):

Retro Rock Special (CD, Hollywood, PRCD10837-2)
T.E. Conway - Brian May


Hot Patootie
Maybe Baby
Only Make Believe

remark: this mini-album was availavle as a free bonus CD for purchasers of the "Another World" album in the USA

Special album (only released in Japan):

Red Special (CD, EMI, TOCP-50707)


On My Way Up (Live In Paris, June 1998)
Why Don´t We Try Again
Maybe Baby
Business (USA Radio Mix Uncut)
Another World
It´s Only Make Believe
Hammer To Fall (Live in Paris, June 1998)
Brian Talks (A Tribute To Cozy Powell)


On My Way Up (MCD)
no offcial promo-video, but Brian went to two TV-shows to promote the song (Rome/Monte Carlo)
release-date:1/5/1998 (Europe)

The Business (7"/MCD)
no official promo-video
release-date: 26/5/1998 (UK)
highest chart position: no.61 (UK)

Why Don't We Try Again (7" Picture Disc/MCD)
no official promo-video
release-date: 1/9/1998 (UK)

Another World (MCD)
no official promo-video
        release date: 21/9/1998 (Holland)

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