About me...


Oliver Tamminga and Brian May 
backstage before the concert of Brian in Stuttgart 1998

having fun with friends, bicycling, creativity, arts (Surrealism, 
Pop Art, and more), Brian May & Queen, good music & concerts 
(favourite artists: a-ha, Aerosmith, Alanis Morisette, David Bowie
Elton John, George Michael, Guano Apes, Robbie Willliams
U2, and many more), travelling (favourite places: Italy, UK, Paris,
Lanzarote), movies, Internet,
The Simpsons (favourite character: )

most valuable things in life:
friendship, love, health, happiness

life motto:
everything is possible if you just want it - 
make your dreams become reality!

favourite drinks:
mineralwater, Frankenheim Alt (beer), red wine

Oliver Tamminga


Queen-fan since: 
1991 (Innuendo)

Brian-fan since:
1993 (Back To The Light-tour)

favourite Brian May solo-record/Queen-record: 
Resurrection / The Show Must Go On

favourite Brian May live-song:
Last Horizon

most memorableQueen/Brian related events:
seeing Brian for the first time, „Back To The Light" tour 1993
„Made In Heaven" fanclub launch party, London 1995
Meeting the members of Queen (John 1995, Roger 1997, Brian 1997-99 & 2001)
UK fan club conventions, 1996-2001
Filming of the Bejart Ballet, Lausanne 1997
Comet Awards, Brian and Roger collecting the „Lifetime achievement award" for Queen, Cologne 1997
Queen Rocks press-conference with Brian and Roger, Cologne 1997
Another World Tour 1998, 11 concerts
Cozy Powell Tribute Concert with Brian, Buxton 1999
Montreux Jazz Festival with Brian, 2001

...and finally having been on TV (and having won!) in the popular quiz-show
"Risiko" with the topic "Queen", 2001
read and see more about it

favourite meals:
Italian - Indian - Vegetarian