Red Special
Kent Armstrong Tri-Sonic Pick-ups



We get many E-mails regarding Tri-Sonic pick-ups.
Most are from people wanting to fit or replace pick-ups on various Red Special guitars ranging from home made copies to official replicas.

Original sets of Tri-Sonic pick-ups are becoming very hard to find and, of course, are very expensive (if you are lucky enough to find them).

Kent Armstrong is a very well known pick-up maker and repairer.
He has been selling Tri-Sonics for many years.


He currently offers two types of Tri-Sonics:

These pick-ups have a lower winding specification (5000 turns), which makes them brighter and closer to the original “vintage” pick-ups.

These pick-ups have 6000 turns for a warmer sound.

Both types use Ceramic magnets and are wound with 44 gauge American size wire. The Middle pick-up is Reverse Wound/Reverse Polarity.
They are available in Chrome or Gold.

Kent Armstrong still makes these two types as does his son, Aaron, who is based in the UK.

For serious enquiries and sales please check the following website:

WD Music Products, Inc.
4070 Mayflower Rd.
Fort Myers, FL 33916
Tel:   (941) 337-7575
Fax:  (941) 337-4585

For UK enquiries please contact:

Aaron Armstrong
Rainbow Products
Unit 31,
Old Surrenden Manor
Bethersden, Kent
TN26 3DL

Tel: 01233 822120