Brian May Concertography


Rare songs, which have been played on the "Another world" tour:

Sleeping on the sidewalk
(Groningen/Newcastle, UK)

Slow down

No-one but you
Moscow/Tokyo (11th November)/Nagoya/Melbourne)

Dancing queen (vocals by Susie Webb and Zoe Nicholas)

Hoochie koochie man (vocals by Jamie Moses)

Let your heart rule your head
(Hamburg/Vienna/Prague/Tokyo (11th November))

Why don´t we try again

Dragon Attack (bass solo)

Is this the world we created (guitar solo)

Sail away sweet sister
(Birmingham/Newcastle/Manchester/Sheffield/Tokyo (11th November)

Too much love will kill you
(Manchester/Glasgow/St.Petersburg/Moscow/Tokyo(10th November)/Nagoya/Adelaide/Melbourne/Sydney/Newcastle(Australia)/Brisbane)

With a little help from my friends

Teo Toriatte
(Tokyo(11th November)/Nagoya/Osaka)

Waltzing Mathilda (guitar solo)
(Australian tour)

Kalinka (guitar solo)

Get down make love (guitar solo)

Mustapha (intro)

Driven by you (rock version)

Thanks to WWRY, the Italian fanclub, for this compilation (with additional information by me).
If you are interested in the fanclub (by far the best and most professional fanclub I know, apart from the English one), please just E-mail Davide for more information.
They bring out a great magazine, full coloured, four times a year.
WWRY have brought out a special Brian May tour edition  in full colour, with over 60 photos of the tour (mainly by the great Emilio Scandroglio) and fab tour-reports (inclusive the italian translation of the May-keteers tour-report) on 28 pages.
The Brian May tour-edition is a MUST for every real Brian May-fan!

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