Happy birthday, dear Brian!

Happy birthday, dear Brian!!!

 July 19th 1999

"Thank you hugely for all your kind emails and messages for my birthday, I had a very quiet one, in fact probably the
  quietest ever, just a small and delicious barbecue with my family.
I'm thinking of you all, and I'm feeling much
 rejuvenated, after doing a lot of serious work on myself!!
So I'm ready for the next millennium, whatever that may bring!
Lots of love  Brian"

E-mail from Brian to the Official International Queen Fan Club


 name: Oliver Tamminga
country: Germany

Dear Brian, I wish you a wonderful, very happy and peaceful birthday. I hope you´ll have a great day, together with those of you, who are special to you. I hope  all your wishes will come true in the near future and most of all I wish you happiness and success in everything you do and of course health. All the best for your private life and your career!
 Please stay as you are and never change! You make everybody who meets you very happy and make him or her feel very special and I hope you know that, dear Brian. Only very few people have this ability!
You´re not just a genius in music for me but also as a person.
In THIS world you show you really care, you can be sure that´s so rare in this world.
Take care, Brian!
"You don´t know what you mean to me..."
(Since you´ve been gone)


name: Rebecca Makin
country: UK

Hi Brian! Hope your birthday brings you everything you dream of, and that the next year will bring you as much happiness as your music brings to others. Should be quite a year if it does!


name: Angela Sutherland
country: USA

52 years ago a guitarist was born
Who would dream he take on the World
With love in his heart
Music in his soul
With laughter and style
And a wonderful smile
His star did shine
And still so bright
His life he shares
How much we still care
So on this special day of yours
We think about forevermore
One dream, a moment
Just one touch
Brian you are still loved
    so very much!!!


I hope you have a wonderful day full of many wishes that come true. With the deepest Love and Respect!!!

name: Tessa Lothingland
country: UK

Hi Brian, just wanted to say have I hope you have a magical, memorable birthday, and year ahead.
Mostly though, thank you for all the  happiness, the music,and  fun, you've given me, and everyone else.
You've the Guv'nor -" God Bless the Guvnor!!"  Keep up the great work, you've no idea how much we appreciate it.

You're the best guitarist Brian,
Some things just never change
As you've always been the greatest
And the greatest, you'll remain.

Take care, God Bless, and keep on Smiling
love you lots,

Tessa, xxx

name: Julie Pietryla
country: USA

From one moonchild to another, happy birthday, Brian! It's difficult for me to express in only a few words how much you and your music have meant to me over the years, but what I want most to do is thank you for sharing your gift with us and the world, and may you continue to do so for many years to come. Lots of love to you and your family...God bless you!

name: Mary Preiti
country: Argentina

Hi Brian! This message is for you to know how important you are for me not only as a musician but as a person as well. You taught me that overcoming difficulties is possible.  I need you and your music to live. Take care !

Mary Preiti

name: Mako Nagai
country: Japan

Happy Hippy Yappy Birthday!
Lots of love,

Mako from Japan

name: Yael Kahana
country: Israel

Dear Brian, how ya doing Brian???? :) I wish you a magical, beautiful, happy birthday, I hope that you're happy and feeling good. I hope that you'll have a great cake on your birthday!!! :) I'll be celebrating here, thinking of you- you can count on it.
Thank you for being,
Much love,

Yael Kahana in Israel

name: Linda Bora
country: England

Dear Brian, wishing you lots and lots of love and happiness for your Birthday and the future. I hope you have a really good time on the day.

Love, Linda

name: Katharina Gries
country: Germany

Happy birthday to you! Dear Brian, I wish you all the best, health and  good luck in the new year of your life!! I hope your music will always give you a lot of fun and also that you have enough power to do anything you want to do.
I also like to say thank you very much for the two great concerts in Hamburg last year and in Hannover in ´93!
You made them to the best days of my life! Keep on smiling(something you can do very well)
Love Katha

name: Nan Lawniczak
country: USA

Happy Birthday, Brian!  You'll ALWAYS be a STAR in my book.  Maybe by your birthday we'll know if Queen will have their Star on the Walk of Fame this year - a very special present from your fans!  Looking forward to seeing you again, hopefully soon.
~ (Little) Nan

name: Jo Heckel
country: USA

Happiest Birthday Mr. May and many, many, many more to share with us. Hope  you find what you are looking for.
Many thanks and Luv, Jo

name: Thomas Hagens
country: The Netherlands

I saw you at the Another World-tour in Utrecht and you seemed so happy, so I hope you're just as happy
on your birthday as on the concert !!! Happy Birthday Brian !!!
Thomas Hagens

name: Fumihiro Nakano
country: Japan

Happy birthday, Brian!

name: Kathryn Montgomery
country: USA

I have always thought it was cool that my birthday was three days before yours.
I would like to wish you the happiest birthday and I hope all the others are even better!!!

name: Marcio Sanches and Angelo Sanches
country: Brazil

Happy ! day my best friend Brian !!! You are  very important human in this earth, thanks for all!

name: Marcus von Keil
country: Germany

Hi Brian !  ALLES GUTE ZUM GEBURTSTAG wünscht Dir Stefan from Germany !!! Thanks for the great music, thanks for EVERYTHING !!!!! I don't know what I would be (or perhaps where I would be) if I wouldn't have your music to hold on.
YOU'RE THE BEST !!! Come back to Frankfurt for a session again, eh ?? (Remember the guitar workshop at FFH in June last year ?? I will never forget that and I'm so thankful for that I have met you in person !!!! ...by the way - I was the one with red hair, we played "See What A Fool I've Been" together.)
Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TAKE CARE,  W  E     L O V E    Y O U  ! ! ! ! !
Schöne Grüße aus Deutschland,
dein  STEFAN

name: Chrystel Bandreigh
country: USA

Thinking of you is Still the next best thing to being there! Happy Birthday!
P.S.  Do you need any more black socks?  ; )

name: Shirley Harkins
country: USA

Happy Birthday, Brian, from The Brian May Fan Club, The Executive Groopie, and all the Rock N Roll Groopies in 3D.
We believe in YOU!  xoxoxoxo

name: Reitse Eskens
country: The Netherlands

Dear Brian, in the years that i know your music it has always given me a lot of comfort and support in dealing with the loss of my father. It really helped me to get back on my feet and to go 'on my way up' again. Thanks a lot for that, keep on making the music and have a great great day!
Happy Birthday!

name: Julia Stiuca
country: Romania

Happy birthday and God bless you!

name: Michel Elsenbroek
country: The Netherlands

Brian, it may sound as a cliché, but you really are my hero! I'm a guitarist as well and if you play the guitar, you realize how difficult it is to play those Queen-solo's and riffs. Have a very happy day and please come back to Holland.
Happy Birthday!

name: Jessica Heckrote
country: USA

Dear Brian, dude, I hope you have a wonderful birthday.  Hopefully all your wishes will come true.  I hope not only that this birthday will be awesome  but all the rest to come and that they all be filled with happiness and leave behind great memories.
one of your biggest fans,

name: Maaike Drost
country: The Netherlands

I'm a real fan of you and your music, you are a real hero for me. I wish you a happy birthday and I hope to see you again at one of your concerts.

name: Carin Aspegren
country: Sweden

I wish you Brian May, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you get a really good one, you deserve it! :-) All my love to you, always! Thank you for beeing so great! See ya in another world!
With love from Sweden

name: Erin Christian
country: USA

**A Subliminal Birthday Message for Brian May**
HAPPY...(make album with roger)... BIRTHDAY....(go on tour together).....BRIAN!!!  Hope you have....(do extensive tour of America)...a great day..(hire me as your new tour manager).. surrounded by family and friends! ;-)
South Carolina's nuttiest Queen fan,
Erin C. ;-)

name: Richard Anderson
country: New Zealand

Brian....feeling alright ? well i dont normally do birthdays myself but sometimes even us rock n roll prostitutes have to make
exceptions to our rules.....so with that i guess i'll be stoking up the fires (hopefully wont burn any guitars :) and will raise a glass in your honour , i wish you all the best on the 15th and beyond.......bless the guvnor !! you rock man and dont ever forget
that theres a world out here that cares about you....keep the faith man....ps remember - queen must go on !

name: Chrissy Derbyshire
country: England

Have a great time, relax, you deserve it! Please accept a big cyber-hug-and-kiss over the net from me, cos I love you lots!
Be happy, reform Queen, thank you for bringing me joy through your music, love, Chrissy.

name: Colin Cerexhe
country: England

Hi Brian, I wish you a very happy birthday and live in hope that you will tour again soon !

name: Russ Meyer
country: USA

Happy Birthday Brian! To celebrate, come visit us in sunny Florida. We promise not to take you anywhere near the "mouse".

name: Lucho Carlomagno
country: Argentina

Hi, Brian.. Happy birthday. I hope all your wishes come true and I hope you´ll never die.

name: Doris Herzinger
country: England

Dearest Brian, happy Birthday and Lots Of Luck to you!  I hope this birthday brings you everything you dream of!
Still love ya!
God speed, Doris.

name: Rachel Osadczuk
country: USA

I know it's a horrible old cliché, but I saw you in Chicago and it changed my life, and gave me hope.  Happy Birthday to you.  Have a grand day, and an even grander year.  Oh, and there is that US tour thing...   ;-)
With Love,

name: Eric Hansen
country: USA

Dear Brian.  What can you say to your hero?  I saw you in Chicago at  Rockstock.  I was absolutely balling when your curly lochs came out of the van.  Then you came out and cranked up your Red Special.  You were incredible.  I've been bummed the whole year because I wasn't able to meet you when you were signing autographs the next day.  I hope someday I will be
able to meet you.
I love your music, I love your style, I love your personality.  You are my hero.  I've taken up guitar through your influence.  I sing through Freddie's, and play the piano through my mother's.  I hope this day brings you as much happiness as you and Queen have brought to me. That would be a ton!

You WILL get back to the light.
-Eric Hansen  (Your biggest fan in all of Montana!)

name: Silvia Mattavelli
country: Italy

Brian, I tried many times to use heaps of words to try and explain how much important you are to me...this time I'll just say 3 things:  Have The Greatest Of Birthdays  Have Lots of Beer, Too...

name: Joanna Maliska
country: Poland

Happy, Happy birthday Brian! I wish you all your dreams come true.
    Maybe You remember like people in Warsaw were singing a song at the end of Your concert. It was song called "Sto lat". That means, we wish You 100 years and more with good health and happines.
Lot's of love
P.S. Thank You for visiting Poland

name: Alessandro Grittini
country: Italy

Happy birthday to you, dear Brian. I would thank you for your wonderful music. Sometimes your music is the only comfort and support in this life. You are the best.
Alessandro  from Italy

name: Ruth Williams
country: Australia

Happy Birthday Brian
"May the Force be with You!" (gl)

name: Paola Riccucci
country: Italy

Wishing you just as much joy and hope as you bring to us.
Thank you for being with us - for just being...!   We love you.

Angel (+ Lucia, Lurex, Babs, Attila, Susi & Maria)

name: Damiano Carlini
country: Italy

Happy birthday, Mr. May! Keep on rockin'!! :-D

name: Vinícius Cerqueira
country: Brazil

Brian! I'm sorry, because my English is not good. I don't know what I write now,
but I want to say one thing: h a p p y  b i r t h d a y ! ! ! I'd like that you come to Brazil, because in this time we are in crisis and we need some fun... You maybe this fun. Be Happy!
Best wishes, Vinícius (your inconditional fan)

name: L. Lindamarlene
country: USA

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRIAN!!!!!!!!! (ya little Darlin', you!)


name: Emilio Scandroglio
country: Italy

Happy birthday, Brian !!!

name: Alex Smirnov
country: Russia

Dear Brian, happy birthday! You are an honest person. Stay to be the greatest musician of the world!
Cheers, Alex

name: Lesa Bonnici
country: Australia

happy birthday for yesterday brian, you are a true gentleman and a master musician. i wish
 you happiness, luck, but most of all i wish you back to the mansfield tavern in brisbane where we saw you last
 year...my husband and i will never forget that night. you took our breath away! much love, lesa xox