Happy birthday, dear Brian!

 July 19th 2000

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-- Happy 53rd birthday, Brian!! --
"Take heart my friend we love you
Though it seems like you're alone
A million light's above you
Smile down upon your home
Hurry put your troubles in a suitcase"

"Oh my gosh....am I getting already 53 years old this year?"


name: Oliver Tamminga
country: Germany

Happy birthday, dear Brian!
I hope that you´ll have a great day and that you´ll be surrounded by your loved ones.
May all your wishes come true and that you´ll always be happy.
The eyes are the mirror of your soul and the most essential things in life are only visible through your heart
- and I know that your soul and your heart, dear Brian, reflect how special you really are!

Talk to you hopefully soon!!!


name: Yael Kahana
country: Israel

Happy birthday Brian- be happy, I hear it's a good way to go. :)
All my love- Yael.

name: Tracy Runas
country: Canada

Dearest Brian, you have been my idol since 1977 and continue to be just
that, not only for your talent and your love of music, but also for your humanity, your compassion and
your dedication to your fans.
On this your birthday, I wish you all the luck in love and your craft and hope that you will be happy in your
future years.  Best wishes to your children and your family.
On a side note, thank you for your congratulation to me and my new husband
on our marriage. Your card and note will forever be cherished in our home.  It is through Queen that
we met and fell in love.
Happy Birthday Mr. May.

name: Mary Preiti
country: Argentina

Hi Brian!  Another year has flown ... can you believe it? Have a nice
birthday and take care !!!

name: Sammi-Jayne Stephens
country: South Wales

Hello Brian!
Penblwydd Hapus, as some of us here in Wales still say! Hope you have a good one, and spend it the way you want to.
And please, come and play Cardiff again? *puppy dog eyes*

love always,


name: Davina Hartley
country: USA

Hi Brian! Happy Birthday!
I hope you have a wonderful day, and may all your dreams come true in the year that follows.
"14 roses-- a dozen red for love, one silver for the legacy, one gold will never die......"
I wish you all the best and most of all, happiness!!!  I love you!


name: Freddie van ter Beek and Leonore Harsveld
country: The Netherlands

Have a FAB B-day Brian!
We met shortly last year when you picked up Anita from the Victoria theatre, just before leaving to USA for 2 weeks (1st Oct.1999).
I had my girlfriend with me (Anita's only foreign [Holland] fanclubmember) Leonore and we were surprised and overwhelmed to meet you too! We won't forget, it was VERY nice to meet you! Anita's musical performance was great and I
wish you both the best of luck and happiness. That 10 day UK holiday was like a
fairytale for us, because 7 days earlier we met Roger on Heathrow the day we started our
holiday in the UK!!! 4 days later we met Tony Hadley and the 7th day we met you and Anita. Amazing heh?
Hope you have a nice birthday party with lotsa pressies :-)

name: Christina Finley
country: USA

Hello Brian.
Happy 53rd Birthday!! May all your dreams and wishes come alive on that very
special day. I just want you to know that these past couple of years, you
have truly made an impact on my life and changed it for the better and i
just want to say that you are a truly special person. You have a very happy
birthday and enjoy life for many other joyful years to come.

Christina Finley.

name: Chrystel Bandreigh
country: USA

Hello Brian,
I'm making a wish that your new birthday year is filled with gentle
blessings and abundant joy for you and your loved ones.

Bright blessings and starry skies,
Chrystel Bandreigh
San Diego, California

name: Linda Bora
country: England

Dear Brian,
Thanks for sharing your music with us, it means so much to me and to so many people.
Hope you have a wonderful 53rd birthday.
Wishing you love and happiness now and always.


name: Jennifer Mackie
country: USA

Hello Brian! :)  I just wanted to say  that you and your music means so much to all of your fans.  So much that words can't describe.  Keep making the beautiful music that you have been making for these past years and take care. Have a safe and fun filled happy birthday! :)

With much love & respect,

name: Gemma Hart
country: UK

Happy birthday Brian! I'm 14 and only recently started listening to Queen songs which i'm hooked on! Your solo work is fab too, so keep up the good work! Have a great birthday and take care!

Luv Gemma xxx

name: Jo Heckel
country: USA

  "Mr. Brian, thanks for the memories and have a great b-day and many, many,
etc... more. Love and Respect, Your Yankee Soulmate JO

name: Anthony Cummings
country: USA

Hi Brian, just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday and to thank u for all the GREAT music you've created
throughout the years and for inspiring me to learn guitar and for creating the COOLEST looking guitar in the world of which I proudly own four.
All the best, sincerly, Anthony Cummings

name: Virgine de Waard
country: Holland

Happy birthday Brian May! I hope you have a nice day. With all the ones you love??
I saw your concert in Utrecht It was a great concert that I love Hope to see you soon back in Holland
All the love from a big fan!

Virgine de Waard

name: Wijnand Bakker
country: The Netherlands

Hi Brian, I just want to wish you a happy birthday!!
All the best,


name: Jennifer Rutter
country: USA

Dearest Brian,
Happy Birthday!! I hope this year sees you in good health and spirits! I hope you get all you hoped for and much more!
Thank you for all  you've given me for music this past decade! Your the greatest and you look quite young I must say!! :)
Keep up the wonderful work!! Lots of love!!
Love Always,

PS Tour America, PLEASE!!!

name: Judith Keijzer
country: The Netherlands

Hi Brian, I wish you a happy birthday with all your loved-ones and most of all, rest and peace inside. It helps me a lot to follow your search through your music, but just remember, It's already there.
Lots of Love.

name: Sebastian Töpfer
country: Germany

Happy birthday Brian!
I hope you will make music for the next 53 years.

All the best wishes

name: Andrea Pellegrini
country: Italy

BRIAN You are the best guitar-player in the world.I hope that you have your best year . God bless you Brian.FOREVER!
I love you!!!!

With love
Andrea Pellegrini
P.s. excuse me for my english ;)

name: Kim Chelen
country: USA

A sweet coincidence that my favourite musician shares his birthing day with
my soon to be four year old son ..not really...special souls have special
days. Wishing you a day filled with the most fantastic of colours...inside
and out. Happy Birthday Brian May~~~

name: Sophia Staeps
country: Germany

Dear Brian, HAPPY HAPPY B-DAY and thanx for all the joy you bring to me
with your music - I hope there are more great years ahead for ya, keep
on rocking u are loved by thousands! It's an honour to be born on the
same day :) yes...iam truly proud of it !!! Enjoy your special day!
Lots of luv from Sophia

name: Mary Beth Margosian
country: USA

Happy Birthday Brian! Enjoy your special day in a special way. From a long
time fan  and not too terribly far behind you.

name:  Paul Whalley
age: 14
country: Scotland

I give the greatest birthday wishes to the greatest man on this earth. The man who inspired me into music. The man who is responsible for my A* in my music reports and the man who introduced to me to the 4 geniuses of this planet.
Roger Taylor, John Deacon, Yourself and not forgetting the late and beloved Freddie Mercury.
My thanks go to you all as a group and in all honesty I have too much to thank you for.
I've got every Queen album, all Rogers solo work, all your solo work (my condolences for the late Cozy Powell)
and Your work with Five, The Foo Fighters and soon to be Guns N Roses.
Keep rocking and maybe if miracle strikes ill see you some time!

Keep Rocking cause you have fans all over the world and you know what they
say who cares about age!!

Happy Birthday

name: Carin Aspegren
country: Sweden

Happy birthday Brian!
I really hope you get a good one with many presents and love from all your friends and fans.
Well, I guess we all still love you and your fantastic music. Keep on with the good work, dear!
Take good care. Love from all the way from Sweden.
*hugs* Carin

name: Annie Gwilt
country: New Zealand

Dear Brian, Happy Birthday, Hope you have a great day with all your family and loved ones.
And may the next year bring you more music, fun & love.
Keep on Rocking.
Love Annie

name: Joanna Malinska
country: Poland

Happy birthday Brian!
I wish you every day full of sunshine, love and happiness.
I hope that ALL great wishes from your fans will come true (including mine ;-)

With love - Joanna

name: Berber van den Brink
country: Holland

Dear Brian,
I wish you a very happy birthMay, and lots of luck and health. I've got you an idea:
Give a birthMayparty and invite all your fans, just keep good company... :-D
Anyway, thanks for creating all that wonderfull and beautifull music (My cd-player has the best time of it's live) You're great!
Cheers, Berber from Holland

P.s. Queen are kings!


name: Nadya & Sveta Korotkova
country: Russia

Dear Brian,
Happy birthday to you!! So nice to have an opportunity to congratulate you
on this day! Thank you for your music that brings joy and sunshine to us,
you’re the best guitarist in the world! We just want to wish you lots of
love, happiness, good health, luck, fun, and of course a big and tasty
birthday cake!! Stay always young because you will never get old in our
hearts. Take care and have a good day.
Sveta & Nadya

name: Mark Quinn.
country:  Rep of Ireland

Happy Birthday big fella, I'll be raising and pint of the black stuff in your honour.  Take care, and keep rockin'.  All you need is love :-)

name: Max Kelly
country: Russia

Dear, honey and lovely, and beauty BRIAN! I just want to congratulate you on your birthday!
I love you tender and this day is the real holiday for my heart and soul.
I promise to drink to your health all day and all night.
Keep yourself alive more than 50 years after now as you always do!
I wish you happiness, passion love, a lot of flowers, jolly entertainments,  travels,  to be wealthy and always look like a superstar.
I hope that you have a great party with family and friends on your special day.

name: Maaike Drost
country: Holland

Dear Brian,
I want to wish you a very very peacefull birthday with all your family and friends. And stay yourself.

A lot kisses and love

name: Tommi Reinl
country: Germany

As a big Queen fan, happy birthday to you, Brian! You're the best
guitarplayer and songwriter in one person and I'd love to see you back on
stage one time in Germany.

In best admiration and with best personal regards
Tommi Reinl

name: Hadas Shemesh
country: Israel

Dear Brian,
 Have a rocking birthday with your dear friends in the party that's on the dreamers ball. May you'll have it all worth it!
 Remember : Ride the wild wind but don't try so hard.
All my love
Hadas Shemesh

name: Niek Lucassen
age: 14
country: Holland

Happy Birthday Brian, I hope you have a great day
I want to tell that you're the best guitar-player in the world, so keep up the good work

Cheers, Niek
(sorry about my bad english)

name: Jennifer Mack
country: USA

Happy birthday Brian! :) *champagne corks bursting in background *

name: Ilona Kaste
country: Germany

Have a very happy birthday BRIAN, and thank you for countless hours of real good rock music; which is not so widely spread  ( I'm in my ages too!! ). Nevertheless I whish YOU to be our top guitarrist of and for all time - - and maybe we will meet you on tour some day in the future, it would be great!!
For you´re a jolly good fellow - a jolly good fellow - a jolly good fellow!!
Brian and Queen stil rocks!!
Have a nice day

name: Geri Tino
country: USA

Bless you, dear soul.

name: Manuel Benes
country: Austria

Dear Brian!
Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a great day, a wonderful party and all your wishes may come true! Keep on rockin' and rollin'!
Greetings from Austria - Manuel

name: Mark Mar
country: USA

Brian, I first saw you and Queen in 1976 or so at MSG in NY.  You do rock me!
Happy Birthday!

name: Rachel Drogoszewski
country: USA

Hi Brian,
    Happy 53rd Birthday!!!!  I hope you have a great birthday and I hope all  your wishes come true!!!  I hope you get everything you've always wanted.  I've been a fan of Queen since I was 5.  I'm 13 now and your music means so
much to me.  I'm a total diehard Queen fan.  I wish so much that I could meet  you or I could go back in time and go to a Queen concert.  I listen to Queen every night for at least 2 hours.  You inspire me to try my best in everything.  Queen is my favorite band and I think that you're the best guitarist on earth.  You're like a god and you mean a lot to me.  I'm one of
your number 1 fans.  I really respect you and you're one of my idols.  I hope you have a great birthday and many joyful ones to come.
Love Always,
Buffalo, NY

name: Julie Pietryla
country: USA

Happy birthday, Brian! Just wanted to let you know how much we love what you do and what you still mean
to us. I wish you happiness and peace this year and all the years to come. Keep "looking for that day"!

With much love,