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Brian relaxing


left: at the airport/ middle: in the hotel/ right: at the market

Brian rehearsing in Mexico

left: Brian rehearsing/ middle: Brian at an after show party/ right: Brian at a party. Nice hat, man!

left: Brian in Munich ("Neverending story")/ right: Brian and his kids

   Brian and Anita


left:  Brian with a magazine/ middle: Brian and Bon Jovi/ right: Brian backstage

Brian in his studio
(c) by James Cumpsty

(c) by James Cumpsty

left: Brian in front of his house/right: Brian in his garden

Brian in his house

(c) by Julia Stiuca

 Brian at the airport in Perth, 1998, (c) by Meredith Chesterton

 Brian and Roger live in Wolverhampton, 1999, (c) by Andy Green

Thanks to all photographers  for the great pix!

Thanks to Alex Smirnov for most of those wonderful photos,
the others are from Guitarist magazine and Okay magazine or the source is stated.
Please note that all photos are (c) by the individual copyright holders.
Those photos are just placed here for your enjoyment.
Please don´t use them in any commercial way (I have spies everywhere) and most of all:
Please also remember that Brian has got a right for a  private life, too.

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