The Adventures Of Pinocchio


The Adventures Of Pinocchio (CD)

CD (USA) : London 452 740-2

release date: 1996

album track-list:

Il Colosso *
Luigi´s Welcome
All For One
Kiss Lonely Good-Bye
Hold On To Your Dream
Theme From Pinocchio
Terra Magica
Pinocchio Becomes A Real Boy
Kiss Lonely Good-Bye
Pinocchio´s Evolution
What Are We Made Of  **

Bonus Tracks:
Hold On To Your Dream
Kiss Lonely Good-Bye

* = performed by Brian May, Jerry Hadley, Sissel and Just William
Just William is Brian himself thanks to the new technology - discovered by Sergey Zhuzhlin and Alex Smirnov

** = performed by Brian May and Sissel

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