Red Special

full name: Red Special
nickame: Fireplace (the huge one-piece mahogany neck was from just that)
born in: 1963
pregnancy: 18 months
parents: Brian and his dad
home: UK
surgery:  by Greg Fryer in 1997/98, feeling great again and looking better than ever
crush on: Vox AC30
("My one and only prayer is that someday you´ll care, my hopes my dreams come true, my one and only you")
whom do you respect?: Brian
hobbies: travelling and seeing the world
favourite moments:
when people appreciate my good look during the concerts and try to touch me; that turns me on
I used to be an only-child but  now I´ve got some brothers (anyway...there can be only one)
I´m not related to Pinocchio but we´re good friends (Brian and I  recorded two songs for him)

between a Strat- and a Les Paul
first copy:
made by John Birch in the mid 70s and used by Brian for the "We will rock you" videoclip
first replica:
made by GRECO in Japan in 1981, BM 900, retailing at around £450
first official replica:
made by GUILD in 1984, BHM-1 model, only 316 "close counterparts"  were made.
closest official replica:
made by GUILD in 1993, BM Ltd Signature model (later called the BM Pro) , around £1,750
exact replicas:
three guitars were made especially for Brian by Greg Fryer in 1996 named John, Paul, and George Burns
George Burns sounds a little different to John and Paul