Freddie Mercury Fan Club Party 2001

24th November 2001 Ocean Hackney
A wonderful evening to remember Freddie`s life and carrier

a report by Erik Feriotto

Around 18.30pm the show kicked-off with a very good performance from the Queen major tribute band Maybe,  whom warmed up the atmosphere
for about an hour and living the stage for the fantastic S.A.S band.
A very emotional moment was around 19.10 pm when everybody just stopped for one minute silence in Freddie`s memory!
Exactely at the same time ten years ago Freddie`s fight with AIDS was over.
Spike Eadney, Jamie Moses, Paul Young, Chris Thompson, Eric Singer, Neil Murray, Susie and Zoe from the Fabba Girs played
an incredible tribute in Freddie`s memory.

They started playing for 45 minutes their own stuff then was the Fabba Girls turn to entertained the crowd with few numbers from Abba.
A strange atmosphere begin when Jamie started playing the notes of Now I`m here with Chris taking the lead sing, then the time came for Bruce Dickinson
version of I want to break free!!! Nice to see you once again on stage man!

After a couple of minutes with silence Spike Eadney took place on the stage once again introducing this time Brian And Roger!!
The crowd went absolutely mad, they started with Radio ga ga followed by Since you`ve been gone, Strange frontier, Under Pressure, Tie your mother down and finally a very emotional version of No one but you!!
This was the first time that Brian and Roger performed the song live together!!

Then the S.A.S band took the stage again to finished off the tribute with Hammer to fall   (with a fantastic solo from the one and only Jamie Moses the crowd was mad for you man!!)  We will rock you with Bruce Dickinson and then the grand finale with We are the champions!!!
Guys what we saw last night was an incredible tribute to Freddie which I am sure was  proud of,  thanks again to Brian And Roger for gave us a fantastic performace, and thanks to have finally decided to be part of the show!!! Believe me when I say that it`s been fantastic to see Brian And Roger together one more time!!

Thanks to all the S.A.S band member Spike, Jamie, Chris, Eric, Paul, Neil, and Zoe and Susie, and the Maybe? band for their fantastic performances.

After ten years of Freddie`s death his still and will be forever with Brian, Roger and John part of our lives!!
Freddie this was for you!!!
Stay safe we still love you……

Track-list (songs by Brian and Roger):

"Radio Ga Ga" (vocals by Roger)
"Since you've been gone" (Brian)
"Tie your mother down" (Brian)
"Strange Frontier" (Roger)
"Under Pressure" (Roger & Treana Morris)
"No one but you" (Brian and Roger - 1st time live together)

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