Tour-report 1998
plus photos
Chapter 5 - Cologne (Köln)

 05/10/98 KÖLN

left: the ticket/ middle: a nice car/ right: autographs before the concert

We arrived at the "E-Werk", the concert hall in Cologne at about 4pm, where 7 other fans were already waiting at the main entrance. The waiting time before the entrance was funnier this time, because more and more people arrived and some fans started to sing Queen-songs and the others joined in. It was fun!
We could get in at 7:15pm, but we had to wait for about 10 minutes in another hall, until we finally could rush to our usual front row spots. Unfortunately the stage was high again, about 150cm, as in Berlin. Anyway, people were standing closer to each other than in the other shows. It was very warm in the hall and after a support band Brian started to play at about 9pm. The venue was almost sold out, about 1200 people were there.



Brian played the only time I saw him on tour in white pants, which was somehow quite unusual.
The concert was good, and the atmosphere also, although not as good as in Hamburg or Berlin, but still good enough. Brian played the "normal" set-list with the two encores "Another world" and "All the way from Memphis."
There were some technical problems again, this time with the microphone during "Another world." But the audience wasn´t bothered at all, and during the short break, they started to sing the common German cheer anthem "Oh wie ist das schön", which football fans ususally start to sing when their team  is leading. Jamie liked it so much that he started to join in that song and so he played guitar to that song, while hearing it probably for the 1st time in his life - and the fans sang to it. Brian watched everything quite amused. It was a real highlight!

Venue:       ***
Sound:        ***
Audience:   ****
Total:          ****

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