Bristol 1998

a report by Malcom Riggs

I went to the Colston Hall gig in Bristol in 1998.
It was much better that I had expected, as I had originally thought that Brian would only play stuff from his new album.
This was not the case, as he went through his full repertoire.  On many occasions, Brian got interactive with the crowd, shaking hands,
letting a couple of people sing briefly.  The venue was smaller than I would have expected for a superstar the size of Brian, but the compactness of the hall added to the very good atmosphere.  This is (in my opinion), because everybody there could see Brian without the aid of binos.
You also felt that you were on stage with him.  The accoustic version of Hammer To Fall, was absoloutly outstanding!!!!!
If anybody gets the chance to hear it, then I would very strongly suggest that you do!!!  Brian's Brighton Rock solo was also as per usual brilliant.
Eric Singer also did Cozy proud on drums, performing the drum solo almost as good as Cozy would have!!
A cool bonus, was that the lights were blacked out, and Eric used flaming drumsticks, so that all you could see, were these two "giant matches"
flaining about, and sometimes Eric's face lit up like satan.  Overall a stunning gig!!!

10 OUT OF 10


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