Barcelona 1998
WWRY on tour

Very special thanks to Davide Traversi and Emilio Scandroglio (two May-keteers!)  for the report.
You can find the original report (in Italian) in issue 23 of WWRY-The Italian Fanclub magazine.
Issue 23 is a Brian May tour-special, so please check it out. For more information please contact Davide.
Also very special thanks to Sara Magini for the translation into English!

Gijon is about 1000 km away from Barcelona.
Luckily we had one day to recover a bit between those two shows. The choice of  "Madrid-Gijon"  would have been better for travelling but we are used to do everything to see any Queen-members.....
The concert-hall Zeleste reminds us of one of the greatest concerts that we've ever seen: The concert in Barcelona  of the last tour that was entirely filmed and partly  broadcasted on a local tv station at that time.

The concert in Zeleste was great and perfect but unfortunately, after an excellent beginning, in the middle of "The show must go on" Brian  lost his voice and he did many efforts to finish the song. Immediately afterwards he left the stage without saying a word. He didn´t even introduce the solo of Neil Murray, who starts play the same, although it was obvious that he was also  worried because of Brian.


Fortunately, thanks to  Neil's solo and "Last Horizon", which immediately followed, Brian's voice re-appeared and he was able to finish the concert in  a very good way.
The reason why this all  happened isn't difficult explain: In Gijon it was about 12°C and the air was dry, in Barcelona it was over 35°C and the air was very wet.
That was a shame because the condition of his throat  also affected  the following performances.

all live-shots of Barcelona are (c) by Emilio Scandroglio

The set-list list was as the same as in Gijon, with the exception that  "Why don't we try again"  had too many vocals in falsetto and couldn´t be performed (it´s better to avoid it when you´re having throat-problems)
Other interesting things concerning this concert: "Last horizon" received an ovation - evidently the audience partculary loved the instrumental piece - and then, as the fans started to sing loudly : " Brian, Brian, Brian es cojonudo"- the same things, which already happened in Madrid and Gijon - the band -as a reaction to the audience- joined the fans with music good music.

Unfortunately at the end of the show we didn´t have time to stay in Barcelona: another concert was waiting for us !
So we immediately left for Madrid being afraid to arrive too late !

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