Back to the light
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Back To The Light (LP/CD/MC)

LP (UK): Parlophone PCSD 123
CD (France): Parlophone CDPCSD 123
Gold CD (UK): Parlophone CDPCSDX 123

release date: 28/9/1992
highest chart position: no.6 (UK)

Dear folks,

This is an album of songs, and the man who finished making it today is very different from the man who started it five years ago. So this is not a set of ideas put down at one moment, nor is it the story of my life; it is merely a collection of attempts made at variuos times to make sense of life's journey. Thus you won't find much in here about how fab it is to be a rock star in Queen; but you may find, in contrast, glimpes of someone quite small and insecure. I know him well.
Music is joy to me, and living in it is sometimes the only safe place to be. Much of what is recorded here is for fun, escapism, music for it's own sake, and although I mean what I say, take it all with a small pinch of salt.
In my mind, this album was always called Back To The Light. At it's beginning I felt no real hope of finding the light; now it glimmers dimly, encouragingly, but always intermittently in the hall of mirrors around me. I suppose if we ever knew exactly where the light was coming from, getting there would be easy.....


album track-list:

The Dark
Back To The light
Love Token
Too Much Love Will Kill You
Driven By You
Nothin' But Blue
I'm Scared
Last Horizon
Let Your Heart Rule Your Head
Just One Life
Rollin' Over

Special album (only released in Japan):

Resurrection (CD, EMI TOCP-8087)


Love Token
Too Much Love Will Kill You (Live Version)
Back To The Light (Live Version)
Tie Your Mother Down (Live Version)
Blues Breaker
Star Fleet
Let Me Out


Driven By You (7"/12"/MCD)
official promo video available, there are three different versions (US version/European version/Greatest Flix 3 version)
release date: 25/11/1991
highest chart position: no.6 (UK)

Too Much Love Will Kill You (7"/MCD)
official promo video available, Brian also went to several European TV shows to promote that song
release date: 24/8/1992
highest chart position: no. 5 (UK)

Back To The Light (7",2xMCD)
official promo-video available,Brian also went to "Jay Leno" (USA) to promote that song
release date: 9/11/1992
highest chart position: no. 19 (UK)

Resurrection (12" Picture Disc/MCD)
official promo video available, Brian also went to "Top of the pops" (UK) to promote that song
release date: 7/6/1993
  highest chart position: no.23 (UK)

Last Horizon (7", MCD, Pop Up MCD)
official promo video available
release date: 6/12/1993
highest chart position: no.51 (UK)

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